for our society


We are looking forward to a society with a healthy lifestyle and brighter future. As part of our business process, Arabize shoulders strong social responsibilities and duties, seeking to bring all possible social benefits.

Internships and Training Programs

We seek opportunities to improve the lives of communities through education and empowerment. Arabize provides internships and training programs for the fresh graduates university students. This opens up doors into their work life, puts them on the edge of job market, and gives them all the confidence they need.

Blood Donation Campaigns

Strongly believing that responsible business goes hand in hand with responsible citizenship, Arabize tries to give back to society by organizing periodic blood donation campaigns. The blood donated by the staff members is directed to the Children Cancer Treatment Hospital.

Voluntary Work

Many of our employees are actively involved in different volunteer work and charitable organizations. As the CEO is an active member of Rotary and some employees are members in Rotaract, our employees are providing a positive contribution to foster stronger links with local communities.